Saturday, August 30, 2008


In an attempt to connect the caribbean skimmers to the skim world we introduce our links page. Looking for that hot new board, check our list of the best Skimboard Manufactures. Want to find the new gear and skim movies check the Online Distributers and the Production Companys. How about browsing the online Skim Magazines, or surfing thru the skim sights from the States and the World. Lastly we have put together some of our most resourceful Swell and Weather Forecasts as well as our local Webcams. Never get skunked again.  Click here to browse  and LINK IT UP.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Watch out kids Perry Pruitt was stomping it down in St Thomas.

Here I Blog bloggidyy blogg blogg, Hey Jus, check Perry Pruitt, He was visiting from North Cackalacka. Land of the fresh mullet, "remember?" Victoria team skimmer killing Mornigstar Beach, It's nice when your hotel has a skim break. Props to Perry for the shots. Don't forget the Caribbean Blue.
Skimcaribbean's got your back.