Sunday, November 23, 2008


The models were right and a solid 10-15ft Northwest swell was right on time. Friday Morning we awoke to see large lines pealing off our outer cays and we knew the twice a year occurrence of a good skim at Magens Bay was at hand. Magens Bay is usually known for safari's full of cruise ship tourists, St Thomian weekend jump-ups, and the occasional  north-side soccer game. However, this day we had off-shore winds and glassy shorebreak. We coughed up our two dollars a piece for entry, met up with the boyz, bust out the cameras and started the calisthenics lead by Charlie, "ONE!.......TWO!.......SHRED!.......

Sunday, November 16, 2008


The struggle continues yet the reward is oh so sweet...  The skimcaribbean crew was blessed this weekend by heavy tradewinds from the east which produced some nice southeast wrapping swell. Crack a Heineken, catch a fire, lay back inna ya hammock, and just lime while you check da latest skimcaribbean blessings. MORE PROOF JAH LOVE