Monday, October 20, 2008


Over halfway thru the Hurricane Season and St Thomas had seen little action. October 12th the forecast got bad and the Skimcaribbean crew got ready. Tie the boats to every mooring and anchor you can find, Batten down the hatches, close the shutters, tie down the barbecue, find the cat and stock up on beer. By the 15th Omar had ramped up to a Cat2 Hurricane and we were in the path. The Skimcaribbean lair of Charlie and Josh became the shelter. Seven of us, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 2 cases Heineken, 1 case Sam Adams, 2 cases of water, a deck of cards any game we could find, 2 lanterns, 20 candles, a rain barrel, 1 camera , 1 inflatable Sumo suit and a lot of local Rum. Blessings that it was a near miss. Omar past to the East thru the Anagada Passage having winds just shy of a cat4 Hurricane. St Thomas was spared, amazingly we didn't lose power and the Spirit of the Hurricane party was lit all night. The next day after the curfew was lifted we got in an afternoon skim on what beach was left on the southside.